My core value as an artist is to be true to my creative spirit and to do what brings me joy. If the product of my creative process gives someone else joy and something beautiful to look at, I have achieved my goals. My focus is colour, balance and texture.

I strive to produce beautiful handmade fibre art with attention to detail and quality. I use a variety of yarns, including hand dyed and one-of-a-kind fibres, beautiful roving and occasionally fabrics.

Live and Loom represents living, learning and joy through weaving.

All works on the website are for sale. Each piece of fiber art is unique and handwoven on a Saori loom. All of my items are one of a kind and woven freely as a form of creative expression.

Please contact me for pricing and further information

MP Dubois

Phone: +1 (613) 798-6372


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